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Caspervek will start its annual film programme in Vigo with a spring season organised between the urban space of MUTA and the botanical garden Fundación Sales in March. The audience will be able to enjoy a special screening devoted to Buster Keaton, the premiere of the soundtrack of "The Golem" and the German movie "Berlin, symphony of a great city".

As always, with exceptional guest soloists such as Andrea González (saxophone), Tonio Comesaña (clarinet) and Laura Lorenzo (flute).

Caspervek at IKFEM Festival

Caspervek will make its debut in October in one of the most important classical music festivals in Galicia and Northern Portugal. The IKFEM (International Keyboard Festival & Masterclasses) is an original and unique festival held between the two border towns of Valença and Tuy, between Galicia and Portugal. Names like Ainhoa Arteta, Carlos Núñez, Abe Rábade, or Rosa Torres Pardo have been part of the festival.

The band will perform Buster Keaton's classic "Steamboat Bill Jr.".

Another festival in which Caspervek has already confirmed participation in Curtas Festival do Imaxinario. Held in the city of Villagarcía de Arousa (Spain) the festival focuses on fantasy and science fiction films and other associated arts such as comics.
At CURTAS, on October 23rd, Caspervek will present a new version of their soundtrack for "El Gabinete del Doctor Caligari".

Caspervek has begun a partnership with Tolemias, a Spanish channel specialized in live music streaming and the largest platform in Spanish for video concerts on demand.
Tolemias' subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy Caspervek concerts in a new way that will allow them to choose which viewing format they want: from watching only the film with the live music, to switching to the musicians' camera or enjoying a Picture-in-Picture composition of both.
The first film recorded was the horror classic "Nosferatu" and in the next few months Tolemias and Caspervek will advance the recording of new concerts.

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