One of the most underrated movies of Keaton's filmography contains some of the most astonishing sequences of this career.

Unable to find a job in the city, Buster stows away on a train. He thinks it is going to New York but it is heading west. He sleeps in a barrel but the barrel rolls of the train. He manages to get a job at a cattle ranch despite having no experience. Meanwhile, a neglected cow named Brown Eyes fails to give milk and is sent out to the field along with the other cattle intended for slaughter.

In order to achieve comic chemistry between human and animal, Keaton personally trained the bovine performer. During the shooting of Go West, production ground to a halt for two weeks when Brown Eyes went into heat. However, she gets a credit in the movie and even got a salary for her acting - $13 a week.

Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle plays the woman in the department store, but only in long shot.


The Soundtrack

Caspervek's soundtrack for "Go West" tries to evoke the music of the Wild West and American rodeos while mixing it with the typical sonorities of swing and classic jazz. The score was premiered by Laura Lorenzo, Brais González and Blas Castañer in November 2021.


  • Original title

    Go West

  • Director

    Buster Keaton

  • Writer

    Lex Neal
    Buster Keaton

  • Runtime

    69 min

  • Year


  • Country


  • Company

    Buster Keaton Productions

  • Genre



Buster Keaton

Kathleen Myers

Howard Truesdale

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