Caspervek Trio was founded in 2013 by pianist Brais González and percussionist Blas Castañer. Its first performance was in January 2014, performing an original and improvised score for F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu. One month later, violinist Eduards Vecbastiks joined the duo, and together, the three young musicians began to write new soundtracks for the masterpieces of German Expressionism. In its first four months of activity, the band premiered four soundtracks. The local specialized press defined this debut as "the big surprise of 2014".

Caspervek performing "Seven Chances" at Fundación Sales
Caspervek performing at Auditorio Martín Códax in 2014

First years

The trio quickly achieved some local recognition, playing at some of the region's major festivals such as the Via Stellae or the SinSal Festival. A year later, Caspervek would make their first European tour. A trip that led them to perform in a dozen countries on the continent, premiering five new soundtracks and performing on important stages such as the National Museum of Estonia, the Baltais Fligelis Auditorium in Latvia or the FLUX Gallery in Budapest. In the following years, Caspervek would continue to play on other important European stages such as the Lytgen Station in Copenhagen, the GORS in Rezekne, or the Kalnciema Kvartals in Riga.
In 2015 and 2016, Caspervek was part of The Urban Beach Cinema program, one of the biggest open-air cinemas in Spain, where he offered over ten silent films to thousands of people.

"Silent film music for the 21st century".

EL PAÍS, 08/12/2015

Middle years

In 2016, a new violinist, Raquel Fernández, joined the band while Eduards moved to Germany to pursue a career as an orchestral violinist.

During these years, the group accentuated its interest in educational concerts, working closely with film festivals and academic institutions to develop specific programs that would bring silent films and film heritage closer to children. As a result of this work, the group offered educational concerts at the Auditorio de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela), the Teatro Afundación (Vigo), or the Záhrada Culture Centre in Banska-Bystrica (Slovakia) as well as in dozens of schools and high schools throughout Spain.

Educational concert at Festival Primaveira do Cine, 2016
Premiere of The Passion of Joan of Arc

New directions

In 2019 the group decides to gradually move away from its original line-up as a trio to start including new elements and to evolve into a modular ensemble where different components enter according to the needs of each film. This new period began with the premiere of the most ambitious project in Caspervek's history: an epic performance of C. T. Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc with a choir of 24 singers and an ensemble of 12 musicians that premiered in May 2019 in front of a full house in Vigo. Since then, Caspervek's philosophy has always been to promote and encourage local talent, making it easier for young classical music figures to join the band.

Also in 2019, Caspervek comes to an agreement with the Spanish platform Tolemias, a pioneer in the distribution of streaming concerts, to produce a series of concerts recorded in 4K with an innovative system that allows the viewer to choose different options for viewing the concert and the film. This is the first project that integrates silent cinema with new multi-angle technologies.